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August 08, 2019 (Thursday)
End of trainings 15:00
Grand opening ceremony
Teams registration (start)
Teams registration (finish) 19:00
Teams captains meeting
August 09, 2019 (Friday) – Round One
Line-up, briefing
Video recording devices issue
Start of the Round One 06:00
Preliminary Weighing 13:00
Finish of the Round One 14:00
Weighing 14:00
Round One results summarizing 19:00
August 10, 2019 (Saturday) – Round Two
Line-up, briefing
Video recording devices issue
Start of the Round Two 06:00
Preliminary Weighing 13:00
Finish of the Round Two 14:00
Weighing 14:00
Concert 18:00
Awarding ceremony
Festive fireworks
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Tournament rules

“TOTAL SPINNING Kazan 2018, Open tournament of catching predatory fish by spinning from a boat”


RULES have been amended.
Blue font color indicates the main important adjustments regarding the year 2017


1. The tournament is held in two days, in two rounds of 8 hours each.

2. Teams participate on motor boats without limiting the length of the vessel and the power of the engine.

3. Fishing is allowed only by spinning and only from the boat.

4. The team can contain only - "2 persons + video arbiter".

4.1. "2 persons + video arbiter" - a team of two participants + video recording device. The team by themselves must provide an objective video recording of its actions through the obtaining and installation of video recording device (dash cams, action cameras, etc.).

4.1.2. The number of video recording devices - at least two per crew. Cameras can be installed on the head, chest of team members or on the boat.

4.1.3. Cameras should record all actions of the crew during catching a fish; otherwise, the caught fish does not count. On continuous recording, the whole process of catching fish should be visible, notably - casting, fishing, bait, fish marking, marker number, recording of the result in the protocol. It is allowed to temporarily disable the video fixing tools at the time of moving from "point" to "point". The organizers recommend fixing all actions of the crew from start to finish in order avoiding controversial situations.

4.1.4. Examples of location of video recording facilities on participants vessels:

4.1.5. The data storage devices teams provide by themselves. Teams must have separate data stores for the first and second rounds. During the draw (assignment of the starting number to the team), the data storage device should be given to the organizers for marking. After each round, the data storage devices must be given back to the panel of judges, before the official weigh-in. If the submitted video causes doubt, then the caught fish may not be counted by the decision of the Panel of judges. Henceforth, after tournament finish, the data storage devices are returned with the stored data inside within 30 days.

4.1.6. Teams at the time of the draw get starting numbers in the form of stickers (2 pieces), measuring rulers, as well as "markers" and a protocol for statistics and fixing caught fish.

5. Before the each round start, all registered teams with all team members must arrive at the general line-up. During general line-up will be announced information on possible changes and corrections made to the round.

6. "Start-Finish" area and security measures.

6.1. Start of the teams is carried out sequentially in accordance with the Team registration "starting number", 5 boats at once with an interval of 30 seconds. The interval between the starting pairs can be changed by the decision of the Main referee panel.

6.2. In the first round, the Start begins with the team number 1, in the second round - in the reverse order, starting from the last number.

6.3 During training days and days of the tournament, boat driving in the Start-Finish area, should be done only on a slow speed, without creating a wave. Gliding is allowed only after crossing the line between the established buoys on direction forward to "open" water.

6.4. For violations of the start and drive rules in the "Start-Finish" area, team fined for 10 points. For a second violation, the sum of the points is doubled. For the third violation - the team is disqualified.

7. The minimum allowed distance between anchored fishing teams is 50 meters. It is also not allowed to pass at a high-speed closer than 50 meters to the fishing team. If the conditions do not allow you to bypass the fishing team at a distance of more than 50 meters, the moving team must bypass the fishing team in the displacement mode, having previously signaled its intention to the anchored and fishing team.

8. Teams are strictly forbidden:
- go into the water in a state of intoxication of any kind;
- using more than one bait in tackle;
- using spaced gears (diversion leash, drop shot);
- fishing by steep lure;
- using more than one hooked bait which can be equipped with no more than three single, three double or three triple hooks; hooks can only be fixed on the bait or suspended from it by means of a winding ring;
- trolling (tracking)
- leaving the bait in the water while the fishing rod is on the boat;
- to use living and dead fish, animals, worms, insects, etc. as bait or attachments to hooks
- violating the boundary of the fishing area of another team, crossing it, or throwing a bait;
- to tow the boats, except cases of life and health danger
- to approach, during the round, to the participants boats, as well as to any other boats, ships at a distance closer than 50 meters
- making maneuvers on a gliding mode or close to it, and also to make a sharp start or turn at a distance 100 meters from the boats to other players in the tournament, at a distance of 50-100 meters to the other participants water craft, is permitted to drive only in displacement mode;
- use the haggard to extract the caught fish;
- go ashore from the boat without the permission of the arbiter;
-parking and fishing in the navigation pass area, however it is allowed to cross the water area fairway zone along the shortest path.

In case of violation of these statements, the catch of the team that committed the violation for the past tour is equated to zero.

8.1. Any elements of the “Team play” are forbidden to all participants during all the time of the tournament (see "Tournament policy").
It is forbidden to transfer information to members of other teams, as well as receive information from other participants and other persons, detailed information (with coordinates "points") about the places of catching fish species, which are counted according to the Rules of the Tournament.
If Organizing Committee or other participants of the tournament convict the team in "Team Play", the offending team is disqualified for term of life.

8.2. Communication, photo and video recording.

8.2.1. During the rounds (from "start" to "finish") all teams are prohibited from radio and telephone communication, as well as various types of correspondence via sms, mms, various messengers and social networks. On the boat all phones should be switched off. It is allowed to call The Organizing Committee Panel of Jury members to provide technical assistance, to call the rescue service, as well as to inform the Panel of Jury about violations of the rules, or to consult on points in dispute, while assessing the possible illegal actions of other participants. Each team should write its own connection via mobile phones to the given protocol, indicating the addressee of the call, time and duration. During the phone calls, video recording must be done using participants DVR’s and provided with sound on. Teams condemned in telephone conversations not with the Organizing Committee, as well as using telephones or other mobile devices to record and transmit any information to someone, will be screened for presence of a "Team Play". A team condemned by other participants or by the Organizing Committee, in using the communication devices during rounds, must itself prove its point and not involvement in the "Team Play" by providing Panel of Jury video validation and logs of telephone calls in the protocol issued to the team.
If the team could not confirm their actions with evidence, then those actions should be considered as a violation and the team will be disqualified in the current tournament.

8.2.2. Participants are allowed to take pictures during rounds (from "start" to "finish") using only cameras or other photo and video equipment.

8.2.3. During competitive rounds and training days, participants should not prevent the admittance of 2 people interviewing crew. Such interviews during the tours should last not more than 10 minutes.

9. Tackles and baits.

9.1. Fishing during the tournament is allowed only by spinning rod. Participants by themselves choose lures, baits.

9.2 Allowed baits:
- jig,
- wobbler,
- popper,
- spinner,
- spinnerbate,
- rattle,
- jerk,
- fly and streamer.
- as well as all other baits which do not contradict the Tournament Rules.

9.3. Participants have the right to carry an unlimited number of spare tackles and baits.

10. Types and sizes of fish taken count.

10.1. Species and sizes of fish:
- pike - not less than 45 cm,
- pike perch - not less than 40 cm,
- asp - not less than 40 cm,
- bersh - not less than 25 cm,
- perch - not less than 20 cm.

10.2. The fish is measured from the tip of the snout to the last scales of the tail fin root. Preliminary measurement is done by the team itself. Panel of judges provide measurements only to those fish that the team is ready to fix in the tournament protocol. If a team provides for the measurement several fishes for the choice of judges, the team is fined 10 points for each fish, which will not be fixed by the judges in the tournament protocol.

10.3. For each type of fish presented for weighing, the team is awarded 10 bonus points. A smaller fish is not accepted for ranking. When giving a fish for weighing by 1 cm smaller than that specified in clause 10.1, the team fined 10 points; less by 2 cm - 20 points, and so on ..

10.4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the minimum size of the fish based on the activity of the fish at the time of the competition.

10.5. Fish can be counted and ranked to the team if the hook is in the mouth of the fish; in the head area or below, under the head (in the "tie zone") or in the gill area. Capturing a fish, by the side, tail or fin is considered drowning and is not accepted. Be sure to confirm the location of the hooks in the fish’s mouth or the head, except for the self-release in the landing net.

11. Weighing procedure.

11.1. The team that provides "live" fish for weighing gets precedence and passes the weighing procedure without a queue. Priority applies even if the team has at least one "live" fish.

11.2. Teams violating these rules will incur a penalty: first warning + 5 points penalty, second warning + 5 points penalty, disqualification + cancellation of all results.

11.3. The team comes to weighing procedure with two data drives and a protocol indicating the time of catching of each fish presented with the "marker" issued to the team before the start of the tour.

11.4. The "marker" should be neat, with minimal damage, fixed only on the lower or upper jaw/lip of the fish. Fish without a "marker", or marked through the gill part, base of tail fin and other fins, and if the "marker" has mechanical damages (broken off, partly bitten, etc.), is not accepted by the Panel of Jury for weigh procedure and not counted.

11.5. In the case if the team lost the protocol, weighing of all caught fish or any single specimen is not carried out.

12. Tournament results calculation order, winner and prize-winners determination.

12.1. Each round 5 species of fish of the following sizes is accepted to the count:

- pike - not less than 45 cm,
- pike-perch - at least 40 cm,
- asp - not less than 40 cm,
- Bersh (Volga zander) - no less than 25 cm,
- perch - not less than 20 cm.

As a result of two rounds, the team must catch, make video recording and provide for weighing 10 fish (2 fish each of 5 species).

12.2. The key value for scoring is the weight of the fish, the number of caught species and the coefficient of "value" of each fish species. The higher the value of each of these three key indicators, the higher scores they will bring to the team. Weight and number indicators of caught fish species depend on the teams. The coefficient of "value" of a fish depends on the number of teams reached the amount for a particular type of fish, and the fewer teams reached, the higher this coefficient and the greater number of points will be assigned to the largest fish of this species.

12.3 Examples of scoring and fish "value" coefficients.

Round one.
90 teams of participants in total, including:
* Each of 70 teams brought for weighing one pike
- 90-70 = 20 points - for the largest pike, the pike value coefficient - 20/70 = 0.28
* Each of 50 teams brought for weighing one pike-perch
- 90-50 = 40 points for the largest pike-perch, a pike perch value coefficient 40/50 = 0.8
* Each of 10 teams brought one perch for weighing
- 90-10 = 80 points for the largest perch, a perch value coefficient 80/10 = 8
* Each of 12 teams brought one bersh for weighing
- 90-12 = 78 points for the largest bersh, a bersh value coefficient 78 / 12 = 6.5
* Each of 40 teams brought for weighing one asp
- 90-40 = 50 points for the biggest asp, the asp value coefficient - 50/40 = 1,25.

Thus, we see that in the first round the most "valuable" (hard-caught) species was perch, which brought to ten teams good points. The pike, on the other hand, is the easiest to fish (it was reached by almost all teams) and in this round doesn’t have special "value".

Round two.
The situation in the second round can radically change. For example, when the weather conditions change, the pike simply ceased to be caught, and perch on the contrary manifests its maximum activity and 60 teams catch perch. And if in the second round only 10 teams catch the pike, and then it will be the most "valuable" fish of the second round, and will bring more points to these 10 teams.

12.4. Fish value coefficient is the different in points from the largest to the next largest fish by weight.

For example, the perch calculation in the first round: 80 points are given to the team that caught the biggest perch,
80-8 = 72 points for the second weight,
72-8 = 64 points for the third weight, etc. before reaching "0" points.

12.5. The coefficient for "live" fish and extra points for each species.

12.5.1. In order to promote respect for nature and fish, a "coefficient 1.2" is added into the scoring rule for each "live" fish brought by the team for weighing. In this case, the points awarded to the team for each "live" fish are multiplied by this coefficient.

12.5.2. To save the life of fish, team can arrive for early weighing no more than 5 times per round. Early weighing of "live" fish ends 1 hour before the finish of each round.

12.5.3. For EVERY type of fish submitted for weighing, the team receives an additional 10 points. Thus, when catching 5 species of fish on the tour, the team will receive +50 bonus points.

12.6. Tournament results.

12.6.1. According to two rounds results, all points, including extra points and penalties, are summed up and the winner and prize winners of the Tournament are detected, starting from the highest score.

12.6.2. If in results of two rounds the points are equal, the team, which has more "goal" fish species in two rounds will be higher in the list. 12.6.3. With the same number of caught "goal fish" species for two rounds; the team with higher fixed catch total weight for two rounds will be higher in the list.

12.6.4. If teams total weight of recorded catch for two rounds is the same, then the team, which caught the largest "trophy" by weight will be higher.

12.6.5. All matters of dispute are decided by the Referee Panel and the Chief Referee. The protest is submitted in written by the captain of the team, indicating the claim or violation found by him. A protest must be filed no later than thirty minutes after the end of the weighing procedure. Otherwise, the claim will not be considered.

13. Placement of promotional products.

13.1. Placement and distribution of promotional products in the "venue of the tournament" is allowed only to Sponsors and Partners of the tournament, in accordance with the agreed quantity and quality.

13.2. "Tournament venues" - the Main stage; Headquarters of the Organizing Committee; "Start-finish" area; boats parking coastline; The pier located near the "Start-finish" area.

13.3. Advertising products are considered to be flags; banners; posters; stands; signs; all types of printing products; any goods and products using which public demonstration is done, publicity or exhibiting for display.

13.4. All others (participants and guests of the tournament), organizations and companies are allowed to do stationary placement of advertising products in any kind of distribution no closer than 50 meters from the venues of the tournament. The participants of the tournament are also allowed to place advertising products on clothing items, on boat hulls, on equipment, as well as holding promotional products at any time, except official events held by the Organizing Committee of the tournament (registration, construction, weighing, awarding etc.).

Also, participants are allowed to stationary placement of advertising products in the boat parking lots, should be provided fixed to the hull or other surfaces of the participant`s boat.

13.5 For violation of the promotional products placing rules the Tournament Participants incur a penalty: first warning + 5 points penalty, second warning + 5 points penalty, disqualification + cancellation of all results.

14. Volzhsko-Kamsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve (VKZ).

Saralinsky area.

14.1. The tournament is held in the water area of the Volga river, which borders to the territory of the Saralinsky area of the Volga-Kama State Natural Biosphere Reserve.

14.2. The Volga-Kama State Nature Biosphere Reserve of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation was established in 1960. It is an environmental, scientific, research and education institution designed to preserve on its territory the unique natural landscapes of the ancient valley of the Middle Volga. Since 2005, the reserve is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves system.

14.3 The Saralinsky area of the VKZ refers to specially protected natural areas in accordance with Federal Law No. 33-FZ of 14.03.1995. Violations of the established regime in specially protected natural areas are punishable by federal legislation. A full list of normative documents is available on the official website of the VKZ - vkgz.ru.

14.4. All participants are categorically prohibited from navigating on their watercraft in the water area of the VKZ, and also to fish at a distance of 100 meters from the border of the VKZ. If during the Tournament these violations are detected by the patrol referees Organizing Committee or by authorized government services, these teams of participants will be disqualified and canceled all results achieved at the tournament.

15. Appearance of participants in the tournament and clothing.

15.1. All tournament participants without any exception must have a neat, clean outward. Sports and fishing style of outerwear is welcomed. Bottom is acceptable for wearing - pants, tights, long (to the knee) shorts. It is allowed to wear branded equipment with logos of various manufacturers and brands.

15.2. It is forbidden to appear dressed fully unbuttoned shirt, open torso, swimming trunks and other underwear in "tournament venues" such as Main Stage, Headquarters of the Organizing Committee, "Start-finish" area, boats parking coastline, pier located near to the "Start-finish" area. As well as being in such condition in boat during round time, when the video is recorded.

15.3. If these rules are violated, the following sanctions will be applied to the participants: first warning + penalty 5 points, second warning + penalty 10 points, disqualification + cancellation of all results. At the same time with these sanctions, - Referee Panel will reject to accept the caught fish for weighing, prohibit to participate in the official awarding ceremony.

16. Distinctive signs on the participants floating facilities.

16.1. All participants of the tournament are given stickers with start numbers, curtained by draws. The stickers must be placed on certain parts of the crew`s watercraft:

- PVC boat, RIB - on both sides of the outboard motor cap.
- Metal no console boat - on both sides of the outboard motor cap.
- Metal console boat - on both sides of the windshield or on both sides of the outboard motor cap.

16.2 If these norms are violated, the following sanctions will be applied to the participants: first warning + penalty 5 points, second warning + penalty 10 points, disqualification + cancellation of all results.

17. Organizing Committee verifying actions of the teams.

17.1. The Panel of Jury members can carry out verifying actions of participant teams, both on the shore and water. In the case of such check, the team must allow Panel of Jury representatives to come on board upon first request.

17.2. If the Panel of Jury representatives are denied to access onboard for inspection, the team will be immediately disqualified and all the achieved results on this Tournament will be cancelled.

18. Message to the Tournament participants. Tournament organization team point to the fact when catching a larger fish, it is recommended to release the smaller one. We will be thankful and immensely grateful to all participants for the maximum possible preservation of fish life and for forwardness to follow "Catch&Release" principle.

1. Tournament Judging Panel:
- Referee Panel Chairman - Maslov RA, phone 8-9196-354-352;
- Chief referee - Garipov ON, phone 8-917-224-11-72;

Deputy Chief Referee - Gainullov M.F.
3. Tournament website: www.total-spinning.ru
5. e-mail: total-spinning.kazan@yandex.ru
Rules of “TOTAL SPINNING Kazan 2018, Open tournament of catching predatory fish by spinning from a boat”( 371kb).
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